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Bad Credit Financing in Burlington, NJ



If your current vehicle is no longer reliable and you’re looking to replace it but don’t have the best credit history, don’t give up. Let Burlington Volkswagen put you behind the wheel of a dependable car regardless of your financial past. We can help you get a fresh start with a vehicle you can rely on.

Auto Loans:

When you’ve had credit issues in the past, you may worry that you won’t qualify for an auto loan. Fortunately, some lenders offer what is known as sub-prime credit loans to help those buyers get into a vehicle. These credit loans are simply subprime loans, which means they come with a higher interest rate to offset the added risk the lender takes.

Sub-prime loans allow people who have had credit problems in the past to qualify for financing and give them the opportunity to rebuild their credit. They have lost their job, gone through a divorce, or had major medical issues. They may have missed payments, had their car repossessed, or even filed for bankruptcy.

Some lenders are willing to look past these situations if enough other positive information is available. They look at your employment history and current job as well as other factors.

How we can help!

Another benefit is that these credit loans allow you to afford a vehicle with payments that fit your budget. The terms are flexible with competitive rates to make it affordable for many different budgets. When you make payments on time, it will help improve your credit rating. You may even be able to get refinanced at a lower interest rate after making payments on time for several months. Once you’ve paid off your auto loan, you can qualify for a new car.

How to apply

With Burlington Volkswagen, it’s easy to apply for a car loan. We understand that bad things happen, and we’ll work with you to get approved for a loan regardless of your past. You may qualify for a loan even if you’ve been through any of the following situations.

  • Late payments
  • Collections and charge-offs
  • Serious delinquencies
  • Repossession
  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy

You can even get started by filling out an online application from our website. You can also call Burlington Volkswagen if you have questions or stop by. Our finance department will review your application and let you know how much you have been approved to receive. The team will go over the terms with you.

Your next step is to pick out your next vehicle from our vast selection of used models here at Burlington Volkswagen. Many times, you can get approved and drive away in your new ride the very same day.

Stop by Burlington Volkswagen today and find out how we can help you get into a vehicle with credit financing.