Alignment Service

Burlington Volkswagen mechanic aligning wheels

Get Your Wheels Aligned at Burlington Volkswagen

Driving your Volkswagen should always be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The steering wheel should remain comfortably in your hands without pulling, shaking, or vibrating. And when you go to make a turn or change lanes, the steering wheel should feel responsive and instantly begin to turn the wheels on your car. It should not take excessive effort to turn the wheel, but there should be a slight amount of resistance. If you notice any issues with the feel of the steering or loss of ride quality from your VW, it is time to visit the pros at Burlington VW for alignment service.

The Benefits of Professional Alignment Service

When your VW was new, it probably felt almost like it could drive itself. The tires rolled down the road effortlessly. They required little steering or adjustment, and the car easily drove straight down the road. But after miles of travel over bumpy roads and hitting more than a few potholes and speed bumps, the wheels’ alignment begins to change. And the further out of alignment the wheels get, the worse the ride feels. But equally as important is the damage that is being done to your wheels and tires.

Each type of vehicle has a slightly different wheel alignment for optimum performance. And while you might think that your tires should be perfectly flat to offer the most surface area in contact with the pavement, that is not always the case. Wheels are aligned on three specific planes:

  • CAMBER: The inward or outward angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle
  • TOE: The inward or outward angle of the tires when viewed from above
  • CASTER: The steering axis when viewed from the side of the vehicle

Professional alignment service uses computerized technology and equipment to correctly align all there of these planes to meet the recommendations of the manufacturer for your specific vehicle. And the result of a proper alignment is that new car feel, as if it could drive itself with little steering input from you.

Why Turn to Burlington Volkswagen For Alignment Service?

Proper alignment of your VW wheels is essential for the safety of the vehicle. Also, it is critical to get the most life possible out of your tires. A car that is out of alignment will wear tires unevenly and result in poor handling and instability. But with proper alignment, correct air pressure, and routine tire rotation, you will enjoy the maximum life expectancy from your tires.

At Burlington VW, we understand that your car is a significant investment. And we want to help you keep it safe and as enjoyable to drive as the day you drove it home from our dealership. Any time you notice issues with the steering or the quality of your VW’s ride, give us a call to schedule your alignment service appointment. Or, for 24/7 access, use our online service scheduler, and know that we will have your VW driving like it is brand new again.