Alternator Service in Burlington, NJ

Close up view of a vehicles alternator

Alternator Service at Burlington Volkswagen

Most vehicle owners know that their car, truck, or SUV comprises many consumable parts. For example, engine oil, tires, belts, hoses, and brake pads all have a life expectancy that is substantially shorter than the life of the car. In many cases, your vehicle will provide a hint when these items are reaching the end of their life. For example, the tire tread diminishes, brakes begin to chirp or squeal, and your fuel economy can decline as engine oil degrades. Few Bristol drivers are aware of the life expectancy of their vehicle’s alternator or its critical job in starting the engine.

It’s a Team Effort

The vehicle starter gets all the glory when your car starts without any hesitation and all the blame when you are stranded in Philadelphia with a vehicle that won’t start. However, without oversimplifying the process, the engine starting process depends on the starter, alternator, and battery- all functioning in unison to get the job done. So, it is essential to understand that when your alternator is at the end of its life, your car’s dependability becomes increasingly questionable.

The Contribution of an Alternator

The name of the alternator tells a great deal about its responsibility in keeping you and your car rolling down the road. The name is a nod to alternating current and the battery’s well-being. This device feeds all the battery-powered features on your vehicle, like the lights and electronics, with the voltage they need to function. In addition, it keeps the battery charged and ready for your next outing. Without a functioning alternator, your car will not be providing any transportation for you.

The Warning Signs of Alternator Trouble

Understanding what the alternator does is the first step in recognizing its cries for help or warning signs that it is declining and will soon fail. These helpful hints include:

  • An indicator light on the dashboard is illuminated – possibly the alternator or battery symbol
  • Your lights are dim but increase in brightness when you rev the engine
  • Electrical features on the car are malfunctioning
  • Odd sounds from the alternator that are caused by the belt or pulley wearing out or the bearings deteriorating
  • A bad pulley or belt could also create a burning odor

You could also discover that after replacing the battery, it will not hold a charge. In many cases, the issue is not the battery but the alternator’s function in recharging the battery.

The Automotive Team You Can Trust for Honest Solutions

If you have experienced issues with your vehicle’s electrical system, the car’s battery, or lights that seem to fade to nothing when the engine is idling, the problem is likely your car’s alternator. The team you can trust to evaluate its performance and provide the necessary repair or replacement is at the Burlington Volkswagen service department.


Our staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Contact our experts at 609-534-7994 or schedule your appointment using our online service scheduler. So please don’t risk getting stranded with a car that won’t start. Instead, contact the team you know you can trust at Burlington Volkswagen.