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Coolant Flush & System Service Burlington Volkswagen

Every time you start your vehicle and drive down the street, the engine heats up significantly. While heating of the engine is a normal thing that happens, overheating can cause severe damage to the engine. That’s where the cooling system comes in. Without it, your engine would overheat and stop working. If you’re looking for cooling system service near Trenton, bring your vehicle to the experts at Burlington Volkswagen in Burlington, NJ.

What Is a Cooling System?

A vehicle’s cooling system not only keeps the engine cool but also keeps it at the perfect temperature to run efficiently. There are many components that make up the cooling system of a vehicle, and each one must not only work together but also run smoothly. These components include:

  • Radiator: Dissipates heat
  • Fans: Ensures adequate airflow for the radiator to cool
  • Thermostat Valve: Opens when the desired temperature is reached
  • Coolant Pump: Pumps coolant through the engine hoses

Engine heat also enters the interior cabin of the vehicle, and because of this, the cooling system also integrates elements of the ventilation system.

Does Your Cooling System Need Service?

Your vehicle’s cooling system is a major part of your vehicle that helps ensure the engine is running properly at all times. If the cooling system were to go out, or a component would suddenly stop working, it could cause damage to the engine that could cost you fortunes. Looking out for the following signs could let you know if your cooling system needs service.

  • Engine Overheating: If you notice steam coming from under the hood of your vehicle, your engine could be overheating, causing coolant to overflow and burn on the engine.
  • Elevated Temperature Gauge: Inside every vehicle is a temperature gauge that will let you know if your engine is running hot. If you notice your gauge needle rising, your engine could be running hot!
  • Sweet Smell: If you notice a sweet or maple syrup smell, this could mean burnt antifreeze.
  • Leaking Fluid: Puddles of green or orange fluid under your vehicle could mean trouble for your cooling system.

Don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to our service center if you notice any of the signs above. You could end up saving a ton of money and stress if you bring your vehicle in at the first signs of trouble.

When Should You Get a Coolant Flush?

Like any other fluid inside your vehicle that helps it run smoothly, antifreeze, or coolant, deteriorates over time. As it runs through your vehicle’s cooling system, it can collect water and other contaminants which cause it to break down. When this happens, it can’t perform as it needs to. Inside your owner’s manual, you can find the recommended mileage to change your coolant. Most technicians will suggest flushing the coolant between 30,000 to 120,000 miles. While it does vary from vehicle to vehicle, it is always best to ask the experts at Burlington Volkswagen.

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