Spark Plug Replacement & Service Near Burlington, NJ

Spark Plug Replacement & Service in Burlington, NJ

Spark Plug Service and Replacement at Burlington Volkswagen

When it comes to the components of your vehicle’s engine, spark plugs are an essential part of keeping it running properly. Without spark plugs, your vehicle’s engine wouldn’t start. A spark plug creates a spark from electricity, which ignites with the gasoline inside the engine, starting your vehicle. If your car or SUV is having trouble starting, this could mean there is a problem with the spark plugs. Bring your vehicle to our service center here at Burlington Volkswagen in Burlington, NJ, so our experts can service your spark plugs.

The Purpose of a Spark Plug

Spark plugs are a crucial part of making your vehicle’s engine start and continue to run smoothly. Electricity runs through a spark plug, combusting with gasoline from the engine, which starts your vehicle. If your spark plugs are burnt out or are not working properly, your engine wouldn’t start. A spark plug works best when there is a gap between it and the fuel, allowing air to pass through. Each type of engine has a specific number of spark plugs to go with the number of cylinders an engine has. This means that if you have a six-cylinder, you will have six spark plugs, while a V8 engine will have eight. For an even smoother startup, some vehicles may have two spark plugs for each cylinder.

Older Spark Plugs

When is the best time to have your spark plugs serviced or replaced? Our service technicians here at Burlington Volkswagen advise that spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 miles to avoid any startup problems. There are some signs that indicate old or bad spark plugs. These include:

  • The engine sounds irregular when it’s running
  • The vehicle is slow to start or won’t turn over at all
  • The engine is not running smoothly
  • Your vehicle sounds abnormal
  • The fuel economy has declined
  • There is a lack of power when you accelerate

In some vehicles, there are sensors that will cause the check engine light to come on if there is an issue with the spark plugs. If you’ve noticed any of these indicators, bring your vehicle to our service center right away, where our professionals will be happy to service your spark plugs. If you’re in the Brick area and your check engine light comes on, bring it by Burlington Volkswagen.

Spark Plug Replacement in Burlington, NJ

Have you noticed issues with your vehicle’s engine turning over? Don’t hesitate to bring it over to the experts for service or spark plug replacements. When bad spark plugs aren’t replaced in a timely manner, damage can occur to the catalytic converter, or even the engine itself. Spark plugs are an inexpensive component of your vehicle, and when not replaced regularly, they could cause you to spend fortunes on the damage bad plugs cause. Never wait until the last minute to have your spark plugs serviced and replaced. Schedule an appointment today with our service center.

Perks of New Spark Plugs

Once we’ve serviced and replaced your spark plugs at Burlington Volkswagen, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your vehicle runs. Your Volkswagen will start smoothly without hesitation, it will get better fuel economy throughout the city and on the highway, and you will have responsive acceleration again. When you get your spark plugs serviced, it’ll feel like a brand-new vehicle again.


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