Vehicle Suspension Service Near Burlington, NJ

Suspension Service in Burlington, NJ

Suspension Service at Burlington Volkswagen

Your suspension system works without any thought from you. Its job is to provide a stable ride and to absorb the impact of the road for your comfort. While you may not think about how your suspension operates, you would miss it if it failed to do the job.

The suspension system is made of the wheel axles, struts, and shocks. They connect your tires and wheels to the frame of the car, truck, or SUV. When the suspension system needs repairing, you can count on the team at Burlington Volkswagen to get the job done.

How to Know When a Suspension System Needs Service

The suspension system has a tough job and does it well. You can travel mile after mile and never have any issues with your suspension. While this component is usually low-maintenance, it will need service if you have the vehicle long enough. Bumps in the road or carrying heavy loads can cause your suspension system to fail.

Signs your suspension system needs repair:

  • When you look at your vehicle in the driveway, it sits lower on one side or in the front or back. This is an indication that one side needs to be repaired.
  • Your vehicle bounces a lot when you are driving, especially if you hit a pothole or bump.
  • The vehicle makes strange noises when you drive over a pothole or other obstacle.
  • You notice the vehicle is slower to stop when you hit the brakes. If you have your brakes inspected and they don’t need to be replaced, it may mean the suspension needs to be repaired.

You can also visually inspect your shocks to see if grease or oil is leaking. If you notice grease spots, it may be time to replace the shock absorbers.

Pay attention to how the vehicle drives. It may sway from side to side or do a nosedive when you try to stop quickly. When you press down to accelerate, you may feel the rear drag.

Service the Suspension for Safety

Having a suspension system that isn’t working optimally won’t prevent you from driving the vehicle. However, it can compromise your safety. If it takes longer to stop when you’re driving, you are at an increased risk of getting hit.

Your vehicle is also more likely to have a rollover in a crash. Because it has a lot of bounce and less stability, it can also roll over in windy conditions, especially when you’re traveling at a higher speed. When you take your vehicle in for suspension service, the technicians may check other related systems, such as the steering and wheels. When one component fails to work as well as it should, extra stress is placed on other components.

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, you should have your suspension system serviced. Schedule an appointment online at Burlington Volkswagen for suspension service or give us a call. We want to help you care for all the systems of your vehicle, including suspension service for residents of Trenton, Levittown, and Philadelphia, PA.