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Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement & Service in Burlington, NJ

Windshield Wiper Service & Replacement at Burlington Volkswagen

Windshield wipers are a simple part of every vehicle, but they do a lot to keep us safe. So, how long do windshield wipers last? Understanding what bad wipers look like and when to change them could keep you safe on rainy days, save you money, and even prevent damage to your windshield. Bring your vehicle for windshield wiper service or replacement at Burlington Volkswagen, proudly serving the Levittown and Philadelphia communities.

Bad Windshield Wipers

While it is recommended that your wipers be replaced every 12 months, there are some signs that may indicate your wipers are going bad. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to replace your windshield wipers:

  • Wet spots on the glass: This may mean there is a tare in the blade, and it can no longer wipe away water.
  • Streaks: A good windshield wiper should leave a clean surface free of water. Streaks may suggest the blade has worn away.
  • Vibration across the glass: A jerking motion as the wiper passes may indicate the wiper is not connected properly.
  • Squeaking sound: If your windshield wiper squeaks as it passes, this could mean there is damage to the rubber blade.

Having windshield wipers that stop working properly when it’s raining on the road, can be unsafe to you and your passengers, along with other cars on the road. Have your windshield wipers serviced and replaced regularly with our service center.

Windshield Wiper Longevity

There are many factors that influence the longevity of your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Some of these factors can cause your wipers to age faster, causing you to replace them more often. These factors may include:

  • The Environment: Areas with little rain can be especially hard on windshield wipers, whereas dry heat can cause dryness and cracks in the blades.
  • Usage: The more often you use your windshield wipers, the more often they may need to be serviced and replaced.
  • Storage: Where your vehicle is parked and whether or not it is covered can make a big difference to your wipers. The more sun that hits your windshield wipers, the more the blade will weaken.

Checking your windshield wiper blades regularly before hitting the road could up end saving you a lot of trouble on rainy days or pop-up storms.

Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

Each vehicle uses a specific kind of windshield wiper that fits and works best for that vehicle. Most cars will have the brand and type of wipers needed for the vehicle located inside the owner’s manual. If you can’t find it there, our service technicians will be happy to find out and replace them for you. While there is an exact fit for your windshield wipers, there are different kinds you can choose from. Curved blades contour to the windshield, providing maximum contact to the glass for a cleaner wipe. These types of blades are the most efficient and last twice as long. Our service team will be happy to help you select the best wipers for your vehicle.

If you’re in the Bristol area, stop by Burlington Volkswagen for specials on windshield wiper services and replacement.