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Tire Service at Burlington Volkswagen

Every driver would like to make their tires last as long as possible, and through routine tire maintenance, you can extend the life of your tires. Another reason why tire maintenance is important is that it helps to keep you safe out on the road. If your tires aren’t given the proper care and maintenance, you could be at a higher risk for uneven tire wear, damaged tires, and blowouts. At Burlington Volkswagen, our service department provides quality tire service for drivers all around Brick and Trenton. So, if you need affordable tire service or new tires, give us a call or stop by our service department in Burlington, NJ.

How Do I Maintain My Tires?

The purpose of tire maintenance is to protect your vehicle’s tires and help them wear evenly. If all of your tires are able to wear evenly, they’ll have the best chance of lasting as long as possible. A few different services full under the umbrella of tire maintenance, such as wheel alignment service, tire rotations, inflation, pressure checks, and tire repairs.

  • Wheel Alignment Service: Your wheels can become misaligned over time, if you drive over rough terrain, or if you hit a curb. Unfortunately, this can cause your tires to experience uneven and premature wear and tear. You may not notice your wheels are misaligned, which is why it’s important to schedule routine wheel alignment service.
  • Tire Rotation Service: The reason why tire rotations are important is that it helps all of your tires wear evenly. A technician will change the position of your tires across your vehicle in a specific pattern. The pattern they are switched in depends on your type of vehicle and which tires get the most use.
  • Tire Inflation and Pressure Checks: The amount of air pressure in your tires can change the performance of your vehicle and how well your tires function. If your tires aren’t inflated properly, they can be at risk for blowouts, flats, and uneven wear.
  • Repairs: If you’ve ever driven over a sharp object that resulted in a flat tire, you might’ve assumed your tires need to be replaced. However, our technicians can patch holes so your tire can last longer.

Should I Replace My Tires?

So, when is the right time to replace your tires? Tires won’t last forever, so you will need to replace them if they’re old, worn down, or damaged to the point where they can’t be repaired. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking your tires for damage. During these checks, keep an eye out for any bulges, splits, cuts, or punctures on your tires. You’ll also want to look for damage such as cracks and cuts on the tread and cord or fabric showing through the rubber. These are signs that you probably need new tires. If you have any questions or concerns about your tires, our tire center at Burlington Volkswagen can give you expert advice and quality tire service.

If you need new tires, check out the tire store at Burlington Volkswagen to find quality tires at great prices.