Tire Service at Burlington Volkswagen

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Tires are one of the most used and most important components of your VW vehicle. They keep you going mile after mile, over city streets, highways, and even gravel and dirt roads. To keep them performing their best, stop by Burlington Volkswagen for regular tire service.

How Do You Keep Your Tires Performing Well?

Basic tire service includes keeping them inflated properly. The tire manufacturer provides guidelines for how much air pressure should be in the tires. If you over or under-inflate them, you risk a flat tire or uneven wear. Make sure the tires are inflated to the correct pressure by checking each one or having the service technicians at Burlington Volkswagen check the air pressure.

The service technicians will also check the amount of wear on the tires. Over time, the tread will wear down, causing the tires to need to be replaced because they don’t have as much grip with the road.

The technicians can tell if there are other problems with the steering or other systems based on the wear on the tread. They will let you know if the wheels need to be aligned or other service is required based on how the tires are wearing.

Why is Tire Rotation Important?

Getting your tires rotated is an important part of routine maintenance for a vehicle. Rotating the tires helps to ensure they wear evenly. Many times, a tire will wear more on the outside or inside, which is why rotating it to a different wheel allows it to wear on the opposite side.

Having your tires inspected and rotated allows the service technician the opportunity to check for other issues. Uneven wear is often a sign of steering and alignment problems. When a vehicle is out of alignment, the tread will also wear unevenly. Depending on where the wear is greatest, it is an indication of how the wheel needs to be realigned.

Regular inspection and service of tires is important for two reasons. First, it helps your tires perform at their best, which keeps you and your passengers safe. Tires that have plenty of tread stop faster, especially on slippery pavement.

A second benefit of regular tire inspections is it tells you when you need to have them replaced before you have a flat tire or get in an accident.

Tire Replacement

Part of our tire service here at Burlington Volkswagen is replacing your tires when they aren’t safe to travel on anymore. We offer a large selection of brands and sizes with all-weather tires, performance tires, and summer tires. We have tires to fit just about any budget, making it affordable for you to replace your current worn-out tires with quality new tires.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment online with our online service scheduler to have your tires inspected, repaired, or replaced. Let Burlington Volkswagen keep you safe out on the highway with tires that do their job. Contact us for your next tire service.