Why Choose OEM Volkswagen Parts

Why Choose OEM Volkswagen Parts

Why Choose OEM Volkswagen Parts at Burlington Volkswagen

It doesn’t matter what Volkswagen vehicle you drive when it comes to fixing an issue or just getting a regular service, using genuine OEM Volkswagen parts is the best way to ensure that your vehicle runs safely as you drive through the streets of Brick. Get your Volkswagen serviced with OEM Volkswagen parts right here at Burlington Volkswagen, where our goal is to keep you safe and your vehicle running smoothly.

Genuine Volkswagen Parts

Genuine OEM Volkswagen parts are built to meet the precise specifications of each individual Volkswagen vehicle. It can be tempting to purchase a less expensive alternative but they are inferior in quality and wear down faster than our OEM Volkswagen parts. End the end, the less expensive alternative could cause you to spend more money if they negatively affect how your Volkswagen performs. Using aftermarket parts can also void any warranty you may have on your vehicle. There are many benefits to using genuine OEM Volkswagen parts and they include:

  • Higher Quality: OEM Volkswagen parts must meet high standards set by Volkswagen for durability and quality.
  • Exact Fit: Genuine OEM Volkswagen parts are made to fit perfectly to each specific Volkswagen model, while aftermarket parts are made to fit many different kinds of vehicles.
  • Covered By Warranty: Our OEM Volkswagen parts are backed by a 1-year warranty when you purchase and install them with us here at Burlington Volkswagen.

Choosing genuine OEM Volkswagen parts means you’re choosing to keep your Volkswagen vehicle running as it should for years to come. Drivers of the Trenton area know the only place to get their vehicle serviced with OEM parts is here at our service center.

Shop Our Parts Department

Are you working on a project for your vehicle and need a special part? Or need to know the price of a part for a repair? Our very knowledgeable parts team will be happy to help you track down the exact OEM Volkswagen part you need. We even provide our drivers of the Bristol area with parts specials to help them save money on their next parts purchase. Check out our parts online and even order what you need from the comfort of your home through our online parts forum. Have trouble finding what you need online? Don’t hesitate to give our parts department a call!

Volkswagen Accessories

Enhancing your Volkswagen vehicle doesn’t have to stop at genuine OEM Volkswagen parts. At Burlington Volkswagen, we also offer our Volkswagen drivers Volkswagen-approved accessories to further personalize your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to enhance the performance, function, or style, we have the accessories that you need, like:

  • Windshield Wipers: Wipers are essential to keeping you safe on the road, and good blades can make a huge difference on rainy or snowy days.
  • Roof Mount Attachments: Take on all your favorite adventures with Volkswagen’s roof mount attachments that can carry bikes, kayaks, cargo, and more.
  • All-Season Floor Mats: These will keep your Volkswagen vehicle looking new throughout the years and will save your interior from mud and water.
  • Exterior Mirrors: Whether your previous mirrors received some damage or you just need bigger ones for towing, we have the perfect Volkswagen mirrors for you.



Check out all of our OEM Volkswagen parts and accessories online at Burlington Volkswagen.